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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Download Game Grand Theft Auto 3

Download Game Grand Theft Auto 3 Free PC Full Version

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City is the greatest and biggest revolution to the series of Grand Theft Auto. With previous imaginary versions, Liberty City is has a new feel with more realistic in all ways. Character looks more real, story of game is superb, great tools and weapons and character is acting just like a real human. The game takes place, as the title suggests, in Liberty City, which is the city that Grand Theft Auto III is also situated in.

In the game you are a character named Toni, Toni is a silly guy doing all kind of odd stuff to make himself popular among the gang community of the Liberty City. Toni is usually involved in killing jobs for which he get paid. Once he have completed enough jobs the game move on next level. There are 3 levels available which you will be able to unlock time to time as game progress.

I consider it as a revolutionary version of Grand Theft Auto. It is a first ever 3D game launched by Rock star. We can judge its scoop and bright future by the response of lovers and fans of Grand Theft Auto. They loved this series a lot than any other series because its the first ever 3D game ever by Rock star.

Considering previous versions of Grand Theft Auto, there are so many new options and settings in this 3D revolutionary GTA. Because this is a 3d Version, character is more nearer to you and clear. The basic options of stealing weapons and cars are as same as previous version. Though there are variety of updated vehicles are available.

Grand Theft Auto3 Game Information:
OS: PC Game
Lang: Eng Rus 
Rockstar Games 
 Publisher: Rockstar Games
Genres: Action

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